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Donate Grocery Kits to Visually Challenged families affected by COVID.

Be a reason behind their smile.

As we are all aware, Covid - 19 pandemic has caused devastation across the globe and with countries shutting their borders and quarantines, economies have taken a huge hit.  

This has a huge impact on livelihood for the differently-abled families in our community which includes the daily wage labourers. 

At this critical situation, Thank U Foods In association with Indian Association for the Blind has stepped in to provide relief by providing grocery kits to help such needy families. 

You can choose to donate a 'GROCERY KIT' that would support one family with 4 members for a month during this tough phase. 

The cost of each kit is Rs.1500/- and you can choose to donate how many ever families you can afford to support at this point.

All you need to do is to purchase this kit and we will deliver them to the Indian Association for the Blind directly, who will distribute it to the needy visually challenged families. 

The families we support are daily labourers, salesperson and old age people.

Every Grocery kit contains

  • Rice · Urud Dhal · Tur Dhal · Mung Dhal · Salt · Sugar · Sambar Powder · Chilli Powder 
  • Cumin Powder · Turmeric Powder · Wheat Flour · Tamarind · Channa · Semiya · Pappad 
  • Oil

We request you to support this noble initiative and your contribution will help visually challenged families satiate their hunger and stay healthy during this crisis.

“Helping hands are better than Praying Lips.” - Mother Teresa

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